Industrial Products

Milkon Dairy Products

Products produced on our 3 factories; with different methods in dried or our products;

• Milkon Skimmed & Fatty Milk Powder
• Milkon Whey Powder Types
• Milkon Edible and Pharma Grade Lactose
• Milkon Protein Concentrate/WPC varieties
• Milkon Caseinate Types
• Milkon Milk Cream
• Milkon Butter
• Milkon Milk Oil/Milk Fat
• Milkon Maltodextrin
• Milkon Coffee Creamer
• Turkat Cake Emulsifier
Vegetable Fats

Palm, cotton, shea, canola etc. by manipulating vegetable oils, we bring the requested forms. Is developing in different melting curve and profile products, we're trying to meet the demands.

• Biscuits – Wafer Cream – Ice Cream-Cheese Oil
• Spreadable Chocolate – Cream Crush – Filling Oils
• CBS group; Compound chocolate, whipped cream, soft candy, etc.
• CBR group; Compound chocolate and Real Chocolate
• CBE group; Real Chocolate and Super Compound chocolate
Corn/Wheat Products

The distribution of the domestic producers, or imported products from foreign countries are shown to the market. Maltodexrin is also produced by us, on Milkon.

• Corn & Wheat Starch
• Glucose Ranges
• Dextrose
• Maltodextrin
Imported Products

This group is imported from foreign countries and offered to the market. Different kind of products can be adviced according to the expectation.

• Cocoa Powder Alkalized & Natural
• Cocoa Butter & Cocoa Mass
Desiccated Coconut ; Cast in different oil rates and different particulate products we offer to the market.
Instant/Soluble Coffee Powder ; 100% pure coffee content, imported for using on our productions.

This group is bought from Turkish sugar factories with “high tonnage contracts”. We work on a daily or even hourly prices for our customers.

• 50kg Bags/Silobas Sugar
Brown Sugar ; Konya factory we committed with all-natural Molasses in granulated sugar, and brown sugar are made, without any colorants.
Powdered Sugar ; In our production facilities in Istanbul as starch filled or unfilled.

Supporter Products

This product line is the group which are currently used on our child institutions, which are sometimes opened for mini-sale projects.

• Brazil Sugarcane Molasses
• Soy/Sunflower Lecithin
• Citric/Benzoic Acid
• Whipping Cream Base
• 100% pure Vanillin
• Bulk Salt